Yokai and Suomili projects go Tokyo!

We were happy to take part in Tokyo International Comic Festival or Kaigai Manga (KaiMan) for the second time! Kaigai Manga is an annual international comic event held as a part of Comitia at the wonderful Big Sight. Thank you all who were there and came to take a look!


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This time we arranged a yokai exhibition and an artist visit from Finland – our magnificent and skilled Essi “Perynne” Nopanen! She did live painting and signing  and enjoyed the event very much!
Please look forward to her report manga about the trip!
The exhibition and visit were supported by the Scandinavia-Japan Sasakawa Foundation

今回は、スカンジナビア・ニッポン ササカワ財団の助成を得て妖怪プロジェクトの展示会と共にフィンランドからさんま雲コアメンバー、マンガ作家のエッシ・ノパネンさんを連れてきました!

The Finnish comic artist Kristian Huitula was also represented at the event! Thank you for taking a look at his wonderful works!



From the Japanese team Korintei Hyousen also did live drawing. Thank you Hyousen!

妖怪プロジェクトの日本側メンバー氷厘亭氷泉(こおりんてい ひょーせん)さんもライブペイントしてくれました!

The Suomili! Project also had its own Kaigai Manga Sanmagumo corner! Military fans came to chat about pantzer and the weather in Finland and get the book. Thank you all very much!