Salmiakki Fiction

Salty Liquorice.
Loved by the Finns, avoided by many. Full of things unexplained, unfolding into the pages of a comic book.
Salmiakki fantasy, salmiakki magical girls, salmiakki superheroes, salmiakki end of the world, salmiakki horror, salmiakki folklore… Seventeen stories and all of them about salmiakki!
Salmiakki Fiction was published for Worldcon in Helsinki and Comic Market in Tokyo in August 2017. It is bilingual so you can enjoy it in English and in Japanese. Get yours at the events below:
Salmiakki Fiction events
2017/8/9-13 Worldcon, Helsinki
2017/8/13 Comic Market, Tokyo
2017/9/2-3 Helsinki Zine Fest
2017/9/9-10 Tracon, Tampere
2017/9/30 Valkeakoski Book Fair
2017/11/23 Tokyo International Comic Festival
2017/12/31 Comic Market, Tokyo
2018/1/27-28 Desucon Frostbite, Lahti
2018/2/24-25 Umicon, Turku
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