2013-2014 Yonkoman pään sisällä-trilogy: Yonkoman pään sisällä roughly translates into Inside Yonkoma. It’s a trilogy of comic books which showcases the Japanese strip-format yonkoma through an introduction and example comics. The comics are doujinshi about popular characters in manga and anime visiting and experiencing Finland. Single books are available in Finnish and Japanese. All three publications have also been made into a collection book which is available in Japanese.

 2015-2016 Yokai-project: Yokai project includes two publications.  Yokaita kahdesta maasta kuvina, which translates into Yokai from Two Worlds, in Pictures, is a book filled with information and illustrations about individual yokai from Finnish and Japanese culture. The text inside the book is both in Finnish and Japanese.
Yokaita kahdesta maasta sarjakuvina, which translates into Yokai from Two Worlds: in Comics, is a book collecting short original comics about Finnish folklore creatures that are the equivalent of Japanese yokai. The book has been published in Finnish and Japanese.
Alongside the books, Yokai-project also included art exhibitions and convention events in Finland and Japan. Participants were invited to draw their own renditions of the yokai from another culture; Finnish convention attendees drew Japanese yokai, and Japanese drew their renditions of Finnish folklore creatures.


2015 Manga Aika Kimalle books: Two booklets collecting cute fan-comics about Finnish and Japanese food and how popular anime and manga characters would experience it. Published in Finnish and Japanese.

 2016- Sanmagumot matkoilla: Sanmagumot matkoilla, which translates into Sanmagumos Traveling, is a booklet with comic-style travel diaries from Sanmagumo group members visiting another culture. The stories are centered around Finnish members visiting Japan, and Japanese members visiting Finland. It features a lot of culture shocks and fun surprises.

2016-2017: Suomili-project: Suomili-project includes three books about Second World War Finland. Suomili! Sota-ajan tarinoita, which translates into Suomili! Stories of Wartime and Suomili! Mukashisagashihen are fact-based collections of articles and original comics about the wars. Suomusume is also about the wars, but the stories and articles are humorous, not-so-factual, and aiming for silly cuteness.

2017: Salmiakki Fiction: A unique speculative fiction comic anthology centering around salmiakki, the unique Finnish salty liquorice full of unexplained mysteries – until now.