Kaigai Manga Festa, here we come!

Salmiakki Fiction madness is coming to Tokyo International Comic Festival (Kaigai Manga Festa) on November 23rd! Be sure to visit Sanmagumo’s booth at Comic Big Sight. No prior knowledge or experience about salmiakki or Finnish comics needed.

Our event team will include wonderful guests from Finland!

Most importantly… Mr Reima Mäkinen! He is a Salmiakki Fiction project participant and an experienced Finnish comic artist.  Get his works exclusively from our booth at Kaigai Manga Festa!

Reima Mäkinen is a 54-year-old graphic designer and mangaka living in Helsinki, Finland. During his long career he’s published not only countless comics but also manga drawing guide books in Finnish. For Sanmagumo’s Salmiakki Fiction he wrote a fairytale comic called “Something Good”. Since 2009 he’s been working on War Diary, a realistic historical graphic novel about the Finnish military leader Mannerheim’s early career in the Russo Japanese war. Mäkinen is a Finnish Comic Professionals’ Association board member and his hobbies include travelling and collecting african art.
Twitter, instagram: @reimamak

A cut from the War Diary. Copyright Reima Mäkinen.
A cut from the War Diary. Copyright Reima Mäkinen.


From Sanmagumo’s earlier projects the war history comic collection Suomili! Mukashi Sagashi Hen will also be available in Japanese and Finnish. Now is the chance to get yours!

See you in a month!