Thank you Worldcon 75!

We took part in Worldcon 75 in Helsinki on Wednesday August 9th and Sunday August 13th with our newest project Salmiakki Fiction. And we had a great time!

We were happy to publish the bilingual Salmiakki Fiction speculative fiction comic anthology at a panel discussion event as part of the Worldcon programme on Wednesday.

Our panelists writer Andrew Scott (who came as a special guest from Spain just for this event!), artist Petri Hiltunen, writer Reima Mäkinen and artist Sky and Cosmos shared their experiences behind the scenes with moderator and editor Pinja “Nieal” Tawast. Thank you so much for all who came!

At the Creators’ Alley we had many rewarding encounters with you who came to our booth!
Of course we had salmiakki for everyone. We were happy to meet so many people who like it, know they don’t like it, tried it anyway or wanted to read about it in whichever case! ^^

A big thank you for everyone involved! People in Finland will meet us next at Helsinki Comic Festival and Tracon in September. See you!

Finally, here’s our Japanese promo video for the book. Enjoy! 🙂


Worldcon 75 行ってきました!

8月9日水曜日及び13日日曜日に、フィンランド ヘルシンキ市で開催されたSF大会Worldcon 75に参加しました。



8月9日にはプログラムとして、「サルミアッキ フィクション」の内容や制作経緯・作家の意図などをディスカッション形式で紹介するパブリッシュプログラムを開催し、約150人の方がプログラムに参加してくださいました。

プログラムのパネリストは、Andrew Scott, Petri Hiltunen ,Reima Mäkinen ,Sky and Cosmos、司会は本プロジェクトのプロデューサーNiealが勤めました。


また、当プロジェクト参加作家のSky and Cosmosは、フィンランド人にも関わらずサルミアッキを食べたことが無いという事で、大勢の方に見守られる中で初めてのサルミアッキを体験し、戸惑いながら食べる様子にとても盛り上がりました。














Salmiakki Fiction – the cover art!

Sanmagumo proudly presents… Salmiakki Fiction!




This mighty cover art is by the one and only Petri Hiltunen! Enjoy!

表紙絵を飾るのはフィンランドの大御所作家 ペトリ=ヒルトネン氏。


Salmiakki Fiction is…

  • an international comic anthology
  • with a wide selection of speculative fiction genres
  • each story has something to do with salmiakki, a salty liquorice that the Finns hold dear but others often don’t
  • … for some reason

It will be first published at the Worldcon Creators Alley, Helsinki and Comic Market, Tokyo in August 2017!

Don’t miss it!



サルミアッキ フィクションの見どころは







2017年の夏は、C82(3日目東T-59b)を初め、フィンランドのWorldcon,ヘルシンキのComic Marketなどや、通販なども予定しておりますので、




Desucon 2017 でした!


Kaunis Suomen kesä ja Desucon on yhtä kuin kesä-Desu! Sanmagumo oli paikalla Project.C.K.:n kanssa ihanien panssarikuvitusten ympäröimänä, aah. Ja meillä oli myös upea julkkarivieras…!




Project.C.K.様のアイテムは、特にDesuconの人たちに人気デス^^ 「X-CUTEの新作入ってるかなー?」みたいな会話を耳にするほど、皆さん待っててくださったようで、新入荷アイテムは即完売! Continue reading “Desucon 2017 でした!”


Salmiakki Fiction 2017 – Call for Artists and Staff

Sanmagumo Original Comic Project Salmiakki Fiction -SF- 2017
Call for Artists & Staff from Finland, Japan and around the world


EDIT: Thank you for everyone who applied! We now have a wonderful team of artists and writers ready to make the best salmiakki comic book ever! Stay tuned!

The application period for translators (English-Japanese-English) and proofreaders (English / Japanese) is open until June 21st! You can still join the fun! 🙂


Salty Liquorice.
Loved by the Finns, avoided by many. Full of things unexplained, unfolding into the pages of a comic book.

This summer, Sanmagumo will bring you a bilingual and multicultural speculative fiction comic collection imagining the incredible worlds of salmiakki!
The book will be published at Worldcon Creators Alley in Helsinki in August 2017.

The main theme of the comic collection will be a type of salty liquorice known as salmiakki, found in abundance in Finland. We welcome works from a wide variety of genres or mixed genres under the wonders of speculative fiction, as long as the piece has something to do with salmiakki.

We are now calling for comic makers from Japan, Finland and elsewhere in the world!
We also warmly welcome translators, proofreaders, fact checkers for checking things we don’t know, and social media people. Also feel free to ask about different forms of collaboration or support. If you wish to do only writing or drawing, we can pair up people to create a comic together. We also have a bunch of story ideas ready for drawing.

The comic project is made under the  Finnish – Japanese Comic Group / Label Sanmagumo. Sanmagumo is led by us Nieal and Maro, living in Tampere, Finland. We have spent happy days and nights with similar international comic productions since 2013, bringing together magnificent Finnish and Japanese artists to explore cultural communication through comics.

Since the book is self-published, we can’t offer any reward money to the participants as much as we would love to. We will take part in Worldcon, Comic Market and Tracon  with this project.

Got interested? Please email a short introduction about yourself to sanmagumo at gmail and we’ll send you the detailed invitation. After this you have until 28th of May to tell us about what you would like to do (please check the mail invitation for details about what info we need). We will let each possible participant know as soon as possible if they have been accepted into the project.

さんま雲では『Worldcon』にてサルミアッキをモチーフにSFを作る多国籍参加プロジェクト『Salmiakki Fiction (or Fantasy)』を行います。つきましては、『Worldcon』及び『C91』で頒布するオリジナル同人誌製作のスタッフを募集しております。


興味のあるかたは個別に詳細を送らせていただきますので、さんま雲のメールアドレスsanmagumo あっと gmail までご連絡ください。


And now – come with us into the depths of salmiakki!

Nieal & Maro


Yokai Project keeps on going

Sanmagumo’s Yokai Project introducing Finnish and Japanese yokai in both countries started over two years ago with two books, exhibitions and interactive programme for event visitors in two countries. And the project is still very much around!

Last year’s artist and scholar visits at Tokyo International Comic Festival and Oulu Comics Festival were supported by the Scandinavia-Japan Sasakawa Foundation, and below is our in-depth report about the second stage, or the year 2016, of the Yokai Project (pdf, in Japanese). Enjoy (even if only the pictures and layout)!


In April 2017 we continued with the yokai theme and held a literature evening and a one-week yokai exhibition at the Valkeakoski city library. Valkeakoski was beautiful with a blue sky reflecting from the melting surface of the lake. Our audience listened intently and told about their own yokai experiences at the end of the event.

Continue reading “Yokai Project keeps on going”


コミックイベントTampere kuplii行ってきました!Kevät ja Tampere kuplii!

Tässä Sanmagumo, hei! Tampere kupliin pienlehtimarssilla oli tänäkin vuonna kotoisaa.
ヘイ!さんま雲のニエアルです。フィンランド、タンペレの「Tampere kuplii」コミックイベントは今年もあたたかい雰囲気のプロフェッショナルなイベントでした。

Desucon Frostbiten uutuus Sanmagumot matkoilla (2016 edit) sekä muut kirjamme lähtivät monen kävijän mukaan. Suurkiitokset!


Allekirjoittanut pääsi myös kuulemaan innostavia sarjakuvantekemiseen ja kansainvälisyyteen liittyviä puheenvuoroja. Kiitos niiden pitäjille inspiraatiosta!


Sanmagumo puuhasi itsekin jotain kansainvälistä, nimittäin saimme tilaisuuden esitellä tapahtumaa, Tamperetta ja Suomen hienoa sarjakuvaskeneä Japanista tulleille hankevieraille. Jess!

Seuraavaksi vaihdamme hetkeksi yokai-vaihteelle:

4.4.2017 klo 18 Valkeakosken kirjastossa puhumme Suomen haltijoiden ja Japanin yokaiden yhtymäkohdista. Samana päivänä avautuu samassa paikassa Sanmagumon yokai-näyttely.

8.4.2017 Upeilla ja uutuudenkiiltävillä Porin sarjakuvafestareilla juttelemme niin ikään Suomen ja Japanin yokai-tarinoissa havaitsemistamme jutuista oman yokai-projektimme pohjalta. Porin kirjaston lastenosastolla näyttely Suomen haltijoista ja Japanin yokaista avautuu jo 6.4..




Desucon Frostbite 2017行ってきました!


Vuoden ensimmäinen tapahtuma Desucon Frostbite kutsui 28. ja 29.1.2017! Kuinkas muutenkaan!

フィンランド Lahti市に行われるアニメ・漫画のコンベンション 「デスコンフロストバイト」に2017年1月28日・29日に参加してきました!今年初めてのイベントでワクワクでした! Continue reading “Desucon Frostbite 2017行ってきました!”


Desucon Frostbitessa nähdään!

Tässä Sanmagumon Nieal, moi! Olemme mukana Desucon Frostbitessa 28. ja 29.1.2017! Julkaisemme tapahtumassa toisen Sanmagumot matkoilla -matkasarjakuvakokoelmamme, jossa tarinoivat Kikiki Kiki Traconista, Perynne Kaigai Manga Festasta, Maro Animeconista ja Nieal kesän Comiketista. Kaikilta siis herkullisia sattumuksia vuoden 2016 sarjistapahtumista. Suosittelemme lämpimästi! Continue reading “Desucon Frostbitessa nähdään!”